Electric Vehicle Charger Installation In Australia

The electric vehicle revolution is arriving in Australia

It is estimated that some 1.7 million vehicles expected on the road by 2030.

The federal government is pledging millions of dollars towards a national charging network, but when it comes to charging your vehicle at your home or your office, then what are your options?

At EV Home Charging we provide you with a network of locally based accredited installers servicing both Regional and Metro Australia.

Our electric vehicle charging technicians are here to help!

We will provide you with all the answers to your questions? EV Charger recommendations, plus a FREE no obligation quote for the installation of your new home or office charging system.

About EV Home Charging


EV Charger Installer in Australia

Your EV charger installer will provide you with a no-obligation quote for the Charger and Installation across Australia. Note that in some instances you may require a meter board upgrade

fimer flexa ac wallbox t2 cord stand alone 11kw
Fimer Flexa AC Wall Box

Models Available: Stand Alone, Inverter Net, Future Net

  • Made in Italy using 100% recycled materials for the outer housing
  • Easy installation and reduced dimensions, it’s ideal for the garage
  • Designed for single-phase or three-phase homes/buildings
  • Single-Phase: 7.4kW solution
  • Three-Phase: 11 or 22 kW solutions
  • The system can be configured to work seamlessly with FIMER’s energy storage solution to maximise self-consumption
  • It can be configured with different charging cables or sockets to suit your EV vehicle.
  • 2 year full replacement warranty
  • IP 55 – Can be installed inside or outside
  • Can be wall-mounted of use with one of FIMER’s stands
  • Local LED signals for indications of charging status or any faults
  • Authentication and unlocking systems via RFiD cards, mobile application or through a centralised management system
  • IK Protection Rating is IK08
  • Smart Phone App (Inverter Net / Future Net models)
home charging
Home Charging: Universal & Type 2 Charging Stations

OC20-BA-7.2KW & 22KW

OC20-BC-7.2KW & 22KW (6m type 2 cable)

This is the perfect solution for fast charging at your home or office. 

  • LCD screen 
  • Slim, LED Display, IK10 rating 
  • Single and Three Phase 
  • Smart Phone App (optional) 
  • RCD and 6mA protection inbuilt for electrical safety 
  • Installation Friendly 
  • Cable length: 6 Metre Extended Cable for Trucks 
  • Mounting: Wall and Pole 
  • Safeguarded: 2 Year Warranty 
  • Weatherproof: IP66 Rating 

office charging
Office/Apartment/Retail: IQ Wall Box



The Ocular IQ Wallbox is an intelligent solution across homes, apartments, destinations,
and light commercial applications.

  • Unique Design: 2.8” LCD Display for excellent clarity
  • Flexible Output Current: Output current adjustment via DIP switch or back office 
  • Multiple Charging Standard Compliant: SAEJ1772, Type-2 connector or Type-2 socket 
  • OCPP Compatibility: OCPP1.6J support for easy back office integration 
  • 2 Different Models: 1-Phase 7kW & 3-Phase 22kW available 


We have a network of accredited EV charger installers across Australia, who can provide advice, recommendations and a free no obligation charger installation quote.

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